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Minneapolis, MN, US




Google Calendar I am integrating the Google API with oAuth and device authentication for RTI devices!  Features: oAuth 2.0, device authentication, Multi Device support, Calendar and Event Lists + Multiple Calendar Support.

Stock Ticker Driver - now more robust than ever, the 2017 version polls and updates a pre-determined list of stock ticker symbols and currencies at various intervals.  Now Free with every paid Google Calendar driver through 2017!

Team Media Portal HTPC driver v.0.8 (demo)

-  try it for 60 minutes in demo mode.


I've been in the IT field for 19 years now, from application development and tech support, to training, server installation and troubleshooting.  Now managing a group of engineers I've learned that to stay on top of the Industry, you have to keep the blade sharp, and your mind open.  

Starting with my house build out in 2012, I wired for the future hoping eventually I'd have a clear picture as to what system I wanted to control things with.  When my friend brought me to an RTI ( dev training course, I was hooked.  I love the interfaces from the remote screens, to the 2 way feedback in wall devices and the ability to push updates to iPads and Android phones.  The server side javascript programming was right up my alley.