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Google Calendar RTI Driver

Here at last!  I'm not the only one who's been interested the integration of Google Calendar Event and Calendar List API, and after hundreds of hours of development, I can say that its ready for prime time.




RuneAudio RTI Driver! ($14.99)

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Multiple device calendar viewing across RTI handheld remotes, iPad app or KX2 wall mounted units, even TX2 remote (new!) are perfect for this driver.  Plan your day, keep in touch with the kids sports calendars, shared family calendars, US Holidays and more.  This driver brings your schedule to you, where you want it, because you are in control, and now much more organized.  Download a 60 minute trial version then purchase the full version on sale for $24.99 (please send me your mac address of your XP System). Version 0.9 (updated 1/9/2016) [Free Stock Ticker Driver as a bonus!]


‚ÄčMultiple Google Calendar Access

Today,Tomorrow,Yesterday Date Navigation

Multiple device support

Google Device Authentication and Authorization for security

Control over Number of Calendars, Events

Flexible Time Zone Support

Multi Language/Date Format Support

Standard / Military Time Display